Play D’ Right Whe

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We collaborated with our client, the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB),

to kickstart a campaign against illegal online gambling. We decided to treat it for what it is

— a criminal act —  using striking visuals in order to make a jarring impact.

One that’s slightly exaggerated but which still ties back into it being part of the seedy underworld!

Redesigned and Relaunched

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We collaborated with the Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, the country’s longest-running newspaper, to celebrate their 100th year anniversary, and launch their new, sleek aesthetic. The communicative strategy ‘Get to the Point’ was positioned to match the newspaper’s ethos of delivering the truth without the journalistic fluff, while adopting a thought-provoking and modern approach.

Our creative philosophy remained rooted in ensuring that readers embraced this new identity while keeping true to the Guardian’s storied legacy.

Making Mega Ball History

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We collaborated with the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) and International Game Technology (IGT) to unveil the biggest payout in Play Whe history! This Mega Ball promotion for Trinidad & Tobago’s most popular online game paid out a whopping $90:1 and required a level of grandeur that was, well, larger than life!

Our creative team worked with the Play Whe symbols and increased the scale of what they conveyed — through humorous situations which really emphasized that you simply can’t beat this MEGA payout! We ensured that when the brand urged consumers to go big and win big, they meant it.




Put your Heart into YOLO

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NESTLE OMEGA® has just launched is first integrated campaign in the brand’s history. OMEGA, while one of nine milks in the NESTLE portfolio, is uniquely positioned with ‘heart health’ and the only milk that contains OMEGA 3 and 6.

Keeping aligned with the NESTLE brand philosophy of ‘Health & Wellness’, the OMEGA campaign leaps off the platform, ‘I HEART LIFE’. Its messaging and active visuals encourage both the young and the young at heart to be healthier by ‘putting their heart into all they do’.

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