McCann’s Creativity Takes 42 ADDYs

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McCann Port of Spain swept the 2017 Caribbean Advertising Federation’s (CAF) ADDY Awards as the region’s most awarded agency yet again, taking home an unprecedented 42 awards, as well as the coveted ‘Best of Online’ title.

The agency won 7 GOLD, 35 SILVER, including 20 awards for bmobile, making the local company the most awarded telecoms brand at the ADDYs. Some of the accolades included a GOLD for the “Life Is On” campaign, and Silver awards for TV and Copywriting for the patriotic ad, “When You Succeed, We All Succeed”.

For Nestle, the agency won 8 awards including Gold for Nestle MAGGI with the online “Kitchen Tips” web series, and a Silver for the Nestle Milks “Do Some Good” launch.

Angostura also won awards for the launch of the “International Rum Range” magazine and social media campaigns, while Bermudez won awards for Crix’s “Darth Vader” social media wall post, Dixie’s “Talking Snacks” radio and the 2017 CRIX calendar.

Full list of winners:

  • Packaging
    • Nestle “Do Some Good”
  • Brochure
    • Angostura “Cheers”
  • Magazine Advertising
    • Angostura “International Rum Range”
  • Print
    • Carnation “Valentine’s Day”
    • bmobile “4G LTE: Phagwa Girl”
    • bmobile “Life is on” launch
  • Out of Home: Nestle “Do Some Good” launch
  • Online
    • Overall “Best of Online”
      • Website/microsite: Flow “Olympics”
      • Webisodes
        • FLOW “Olympics – Magic Happens” (Best of Online)
        • FLOW “Olympics – Delano Williams” (Individual)
    • Social media
    • Interactive
    • Radio
      • Dixie “Talking Snacks”
      • bmobile “4G LTE – Speed”
      • bmobile “4G LTE – Launch”
      • bmobile “Postpaid Everything Plans”
      • House of Angostura “International Rum Range”
    • Television
      • TSTT “Patriotism – Thank You T&T”
      • bmobile “Olympics – Anthem”
      • bmobile “We On!”
      • bmobile “4G LTE – Music Girl”
      • bmobile “4G LTE – Zipliner”
      • FLOW “Olympics – Magic Happens”
    • In Theatre: bmobile “Life is on” launch
    • Integrated Advertising
    • Copywriting
      • TSTT “Patriotism – Thank You T&T”
      • bmobile “Postpaid Everything Plans” x 2
    • Photography: bmobile “Be In Your Zone”
    • Art Direction: 2017 Crix Calendar
    • Cinematography
    • Music
      • bmobile “4G LTE – Changed My Life”

The awards were won for work produced only 2016.

Angostura Launches Rum Range Locally with McCann Port of Spain.

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For the first time ever local Trinidadians had the opportunity to experience a rum that previously was exclusive to those living abroad. But rather than just relaunch an existing rum, The House of Angostura wanted to launch a completely NEW Super Premium rum. In the process, all the exclusive rum brands were repackaged with new labels and bottle designs and launched locally on the 2nd of November, 2016.

McCann was asked to help position five brands as an exclusive destination for rum connoisseurs in Trinidad and Tobago. The new Super Premium will also be launched in the US market next year. The communication had to bring across the idea of “Coming Home.”

The Ideation team, with solid research from both Angostura and McCann’s own consumer research, established a strategy surrounding the idea that all men belong to a select group or wish to be included in a select group, an exclusive members club. The House of Angostura became that “Members Only Club.” You either know that you’re in, or you know that you’re out.

The House of Angostura is an immaterial destination, where those who have found themselves, find themselves. An exclusive club, reserved for gentlemen with a palate mature enough to appreciate the superior quality, rich taste and overall mastery of the house’s premium blends.

“Welcome home, to the House of Angostura.” and “You’ve Arrived” becomes synonymous with the act of being allowed into this exclusive membership club. A club that previously only existed for the brand outside of Trinidad and Tobago. The House of Angostura hopes to attract consumers who have found their way to a certain level of class in life, and usually have a certain respect for the finer flavours of a more complex rum.

Tasked with creating a 360 campaign that included a TV commercial by Sol productions and directed by Ryan Khan, with music by Andrew Mc intosh, McCann used the technique of film noir to show the cool, sophisticated man being confident in his role as a House of Angostura rum connoisseur. Press ad executions and digital roll out filled out the narrative for the month of November. “You’ve Arrived” was also launched with an invite-only gala event at the House of Angostura in Laventille and guests were allowed access to the warehouse to experience for themselves the rich history and a tasting session of the new 15year old Angostura 1787 Super Premium Rum with Master Distiller John Georges. This event was managed largely by McCann and we received high praise for our efforts by Douglas Henderson, Executive Manager, Regional Sales and Marketing who was impressed by the level of work produced and the success of the launch.

Product Display

James stands with two other guys.
James Smith and friends.
Four guys together drinking rum inside the warehouse
Enjoying the evening inside the warehouse.
People walk out of the reception area.
Our Managing Director heading over to the launch in the warehouse.
7 Year reserve
7 Year reserve
Launch Creative
Launch Creative


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McCann is honoured to be the most awarded Caribbean advertising agency network at the 2016 Caribbean Advertising Federation and Florida 4th District ADDY Awards. We congratulate our teams and thank our clients for helping us create work that is not only effective but gets noticed.


Overall Best of Show “blink | bmobile Giraffe TV”

Best of TV “blink | bmobile Giraffe TV”

Best of online “Chic Chat” L’Oréal Paris Caribe

Best of Print “Yoga, Push Up” L’Oréal Paris Caribe

Florida 4th District ADDY Awards 4 Silvers

MOSAIC AWARD “blink | bmobile Giraffe TV”

See more of our best work here.

McCann PoS ‘Giraffe’ TV Spot reigns King of the Jungle!

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The ‘Giraffe’ TV cops the Coveted ‘Best of Show Award’ at the  Caribbean Advertising Federation

McCann PoS has just won at the American Advertising Federation. McCann Port of Spain took home the coveted ‘Best of Show’ honours with our ‘feel-good’ television spot for TSTT Blink Bmobile “Giraffe.” This was awarded for excellence in cinematography, emotional appeal and art direction by the Caribbeam Ad Federation (CAF). The CAF was the largest competition in the District with over 700 entries from participating nations from Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Barbados and of course Trinidad.

The Addy Federation has announced all of the winners for each of the districts in the early legs of the competition and we’re moving on to the next level at the 4th District Event and are finalists for a National ADDY. The winners will be present later on this month at the District annual conference in Tampa, on the 30th of April.

Here’s a look at the award winning spot “Giraffe”.

Truth About Street-Millenial Women

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In March 2014, our staff members joined 2,000 of our colleagues across the whole of Latin America/Caribbean to uncover the truth about Millennial women. The McCann Port-of-Spain team were out on the streets interviewing, recording and uploading data.

The survey consisted of twenty-seven questions, some open ended and some multiple choice. Even though the survey took 20-25 minutes to complete, this did not deter millennial women from taking part. There was conflict for some of the women surveyed, as they felt the men chosen did not represent the values associated with them. E.g David Beckham being a family man. There was a great contrast between the type of brands which the Millennial women felt represented them as opposed to those which understood them. The Millennial women are influencers of trends in the market and by understanding their truths we can uncover new possibilities for brands.

Staff went to downtown Port-of-Spain, San Fernando, Chaguanas, Trincity, St Augustine, Maraval and St James, visiting various locations including City Gate, malls, parks, office buildings, restaurants and shops to gather insights and information.

More than 150 in-depth interviews were conducted throughout the day with a wide range of women from different ages, social groups and ethnicities. The insights gathered will become an essential component for the communications and creative strategies moving forward. These are just a few of the key insights:Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.08.23 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.13.04 AM Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.13.15 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.18.00 AM


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