Making a Difference

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We love working with United Way. They are non-profit organisation that work with companies to mobilise human, financial and physical resources to create community growth. We think that’s a pretty cool thing.

They came to us with a problem. There is a general air of dissatisfaction and disappointment about the state of the country from pollution and road safety to crime to growing fear of the future. We thought about it and agreed. We noticed that the average Trinidadian had a lot to say about the state of the nation, “There aren’t enough beds in our hospitals. Where’s the water in our taps! There’s too much crime!”. There was a lot being said and not enough done.

From that insight, we came up with a really simple but effective message – Change the Conversation.

The campaign was aimed at sending a message that by volunteering with United Way you make a difference and change the course of our country’s future.

Through press, posters and online communications the Change the Conversation campaign took the words used describe our disappointment in our nation and showed how charitable acts can create literal, meaningful change.