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Photo: McCann Project Manager, Sabrina Celestin, chatting with a Millennial Woman at UWI St. Augustine.

On Thursday 12 March employees of McCann Erickson in Latin American and the Caribbean took to the streets to research the Truth About Millennial women (15-35 years). This was the third rollout of the agency’s networks Truth About the Street study, a proprietary research approach that includes one-on-one contact between agency employees and the reality of the streets. The initiative sends all of the agency’s employees out to collect real world information, visuals and insights, and includes everyone from top management down to the newest assistants and from the creative, account, planning, production and administrative departments.

The first study, May 2012, analyzed the habits of people from every Latin American socioeconomic class towards street food consumption, a market that represents US $127B annually in Latin America. The first study was created by Luca Lindner, now global president of McCann Worldgroup, who was at the time regional president of the LATAM region.

The second study, in 2013, analyzed the tactic and strategies of successful small business owners in the food and beauty markets.

This year’s study will deepen the knowledge available about millennial women, the demographic designation for those born between 1980 and 2000. “The millennial women are a very important segment for the majority of our clients. They are highly influential in the way that local culture is being shaped across the region,” says Josafat Solis, McCann regional planning director for Latin America and conductor of the study, to be conducted in over 25 cities across the continent.

In Trinidad, all of McCann’s 60 employees from Managing Director to designers; accountants to assistants, took to the streets armed with clipboards, questionnaires and smartphones to learn about all aspects of the daily lives of Trinidad and Tobago’s millennial women. Staff ventured to downtown Port of Spain, San Fernando, Chaguanas, Trincity, St. Augustine, Maraval and St. James, visiting various locations including city gate, malls, parks, office buildings, restaurants and shops to gather insights and information. Over 150 in-depth interviews were conducted throughout the day. The insights gathered will become an essential component for the communications and creative strategies that the agency develops for its clients.

James Smith, Managing Director of McCann Port of Spain, “Gaining insights to how our targets view life’s changing habits is important in helping to build relevant communications. These Truth studies have given us some great feedback, and have enabled us to help our clients build their brands in a meaningful way and add real value to consumers’ lives.”

The Truth About Street is an exclusive regional study that integrates the global studies platform of McCann Worldgroup’s global intelligence unit, McCann Truth Central. Results will be made available to McCann Worldgroup clients in May and the media soon after.